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Artist, Designer and Teacher, Tony O’Regan, shares his step-by-step video demonstrations and tutorials on a wide variety of art and design topics.

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Start with a tutorial that interest you. Move on to a course to develop your techniques. Enroll in a program to increase your skill and ignite your creativity!

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Programs are extended comprehensive studies that involve a larger number of sessions or several related courses. They have evolved and been taught at four universities for over 20 years. Serious fun!



Courses are specific studies in the areas of Art and Design. They have evolved and been taught at four universities for over 20 years. They may be further developed, expanded and included within programs. 



Tutorials are very specific videos dealing with useful concepts and skills in Art and Design and may be further developed within courses. Start with a tutorial and move on to a course. Tutorials ignite a spark!

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Increase your skills. Learn new techniques. Explore your creativity!
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ArtCentro has a large collection of streamable tutorials, such as: demonstrations of drawing, sketching, perspective, painting in acrylic, watercolor, oils, design creativity, drawing/painting the face and figure, urban design, architectural design, model building interior design, garden design, landscape design, and industrial design.

#1. Expert, University Level Instructors

Tony O’Regan, MEDes, Arch., has an extensive background in art and design spanning more than 30 years as an Exhibiting Artist, Teacher and Designer.

#2. Learn Online at Your Own Pace

Design your own learning experience, at your own pace, and according to your interests.

#3. Wide Variety of Courses

ArtCentro offers hundreds of tutorials bundled into courses, programs as well as standalone tutorials. Choose your course by medium, technique, or curiosity!


“Thank you so very much for your incredible (Zoom) presentation on Saturday. You had 88 attendees! I learned so much and I’m sure your knowledge and skill was just as clear to everyone else who attended! Looking forward to future demos!”

Anna, OPUS Promotions Staff

“Glad I had coffee so I can keep up – he’s great!”

OPUS Online Student

“Lots of tried and true tips. No need for us to reinvent the wheel. Thank you Tony.”

OPUS Online Student

“Thanks Tony! I always learn so much from your demonstrations.”

OPUS Online Student

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